Welcome in your new The Walking Dead source Tumblr Eu & FR
' we spilled blood' Humanity turned insane, zombie apology, blood and corpse everywhere, are you gonna survive without your dvds, medicines and weapons ? I created this site to keep everyone updated everyday about every TWD news from official sources ( AMC, Twitter, writters, actors etc.) and this site will be translated in french to help our froggies sometimes if needed. There's gonna be spoilers ( hide, as usual ), pictures, gifs, videos, interviews, etc. As I am a huge Norman Reedus fan, you can easily imagin that Daryl Dixon and his bro will have a little big place in it but no worries, no one will be forget. I hope you'll enjoy as I do, blogging, reblogging, etc. and...Watch out for the zombis bites ! Amy, @AmyRickman, every graphic is mine, please respect. ( not the reblogued graphics, intended.)

TWD male actors ( no particular order ) : Andrew Lincoln Rick Grimmes Norman Reedus Daryl Dixon  David Morrissey Philip Blake  Michael Rooker Merle Dixon